DELAYED: Rollout areas for the nbn in the Northern Rivers.
DELAYED: Rollout areas for the nbn in the Northern Rivers. NBN Co

12-month delay for NBN connections in Lismore

DISAPPOINTED East Lismore residents are feeling "left behind" after their promised NBN connection time was delayed another year, just as it was due to arrive.

The projected completion of the NBN roll-out in East Lismore was flagged for the first half of 2019, but it has now been pushed back to 2020, according to the NBN Co website.

The website map says the fibre to the curb service is available, but says there is more work required on addresses in the area with an expected availability in April 2020.


Rollout areas for the nbn in the Northern Rivers.
Rollout areas for the nbn in the Northern Rivers. NBN Co

Residents said they were confused and uninformed about the roll-out.

Heather Manby-Twomey said the NBN Co website had previously informed them the date of connection should be April 2019.

But upon ringing their preferred service provider, they were informed they wouldn't be connected until October 2020.

Resident Judi Lindsay said she was "disappointed" about the delay.

She said she hadn't received any letters about the push back but found out via the website.

"Lismore is the regional hub and I feel it is being left behind," Ms Lindsay said.

"As an emergency services volunteer I know the importance of having access to fast and reliable information technology.

"Business also suffers with having to use older technology which is slow, unreliable and outdated.

"All in all it's become a joke."

NBN spokeswoman Amber Dornbusch said the network had recently switched on in parts of East Lismore, but others required more work before they could connect.

In a tracking report for March 2019, the NBN Co website said across the nation 85 per cent of homes and businesses were connected within agreed timeframes with phone and internet providers - compared with 92 per cent in March 2018.

Ms Dornbusch said around three in four homes and businesses across the region were now able to connect to the NBN network and more would be able to connect in the coming months as construction work continues.

Across the Northern Rivers, more than 100,000 premises are able to connect.

"Following the network switching on, some premises may require more work to be ready to connect," she said.

"We encourage residents and businesses to keep an eye out for a letter from NBN outlining everything you need to know about making the switch.

"We encourage residents and business owners to contact their preferred phone and internet provider to discuss the right speed plan for their household or business needs, and to place an order."

Ms Dornbusch said there are more than 150 phone and internet providers that sell retail plans over the nbn™ access network.

NBN Co encourages Australians to:

  • Step one: check your internet usage before connecting to an nbn™ powered plan from a phone and internet provider. It's important to choose a speed based on the usage of your home or business. People should think about evening usage, particularly between 7pm and 11pm when internet traffic is at its peak, how many people will be online together, as well as the devices being used and the purpose they are being used for.
  • Step two: select the right plan, in terms of speed and data, from your phone and internet provider. Once you have checked your usage, you should get in touch with your phone and internet provider to see which plan has the speed and data that best suits your home or business needs.
  • Step three: connect and put your modem in an ideal place, then check your in-home set-up. The placement of your Wi-Fi router/modem and the quality of your existing in-home cabling may help improve your online experience. Make sure you put your Wi-Fi router/modem in a central position, away from thick walls and furniture.

You can also check your address at to find out when the nbn network is expected to be available at your location.