Lismore roads were seen as being partially to blame for this driver's bad overtaking manoeuvre.
Lismore roads were seen as being partially to blame for this driver's bad overtaking manoeuvre. Contributed

1200km of Lismore roads and $90m needed to fix them

A DASHCAM video of a young driver overtaking a car and bottoming out on one of the many holes on Wyrallah Road has extracted plenty of responses.

While many blamed the driver for a possible accident, others were quick to see the poor state of the roads as the cause too.

"Lismore roads are shameful and over due to be fixed,” Gary Meiers posted.

Currently on Wyrallah Road where the video took place, there are roadworks in progress, although not in the area where the driver was seen, and not where the grass has grown through the tar, almost making it viable to mow.

When we asked Lismore Council how roadworks were prioritised and why some very bad areas weren't fixed, they estimated they would need an extra $90 million to fix all sealed roads.

"In short, we don't have enough money to fix our roads,” a spokesperson said.

"So with that in mind, we try and get the most bang for our buck.”

Council maintains 1200km of roads in the Lismore government area where 780km is bitumen sealed and 420km is gravel.

"In the 2016/2017 financial year we have allocated $36.5 million for orads and associated infrastructure, or 23% of our $158 million budget,” the spokesperson said.

"These days we aim to repair as many kilometres of bitumen as possible, ensuring roads are fixed BEFORE they start to fail.

"Some people wonder why we are fixing roads that don't look that bad, but the reality is that keeping the road surface in good condition keeps it waterproof and protects the foundation from becoming damaged.

"It is cheaper to rehabilitate a road in fair condition than it is to completely reconstruct a road that's fallen into disrepair. This approach gets the most life out of every road.”

The spokesperson said Wyrallah Road is looked after by council and is a regional road which attracts funding from the RMS, although according to the spokesperson this is minimal.

"As a main arterial road into Lismore, Wyrallah Road has large traffic volumes and improving its condition is a priority for Council,” Lismore City Council Manager Civic Services Darren Patch.

"However, we can only do so much within our budget constraints, which is why we have a detailed forward works programs that tries to strike a balance between funding availability and fixing the highest priority roads.

"South of Wyrallah village towards Woodburn, several kilometres of road are programmed for rehabilitation, including approximately 18km listed for bitumen resealing within the next four years.

"There is also a section of Wyrallah Road between Oliver Street and Rosedale Square in East Lismore listed for rehabilitation within the next two years.

"Council reviews its four-year forward works program for roads every year and further sections of Wyrallah Road that are due for rehabilitation could be added in future years.”