Cyber fraudsters have targeted the Noosa Council without any joy.
Cyber fraudsters have targeted the Noosa Council without any joy. Contributed

Six figure amount scammed from business

AN EMAIL request has led to a Northern Rivers company being scammed a large amount of money.

Richmond Police District crime prevention officer Senior Constable David Henderson said the scam occurred after an email account was allegedly hacked, and payment for work redirected to a fake account.

He said Business 1 recently completed a contract worth a very large amount of money and sent an invoice via email to Business 2 for payment.

Business 2 then received an email back via Business 1's email account advising Business 1 had new banking details and the invoiced amount should be paid into the new account.

Business 2 then sent a six figure sum to the new bank account, thinking it was going to Business 1. Instead, the money went to scammers.

Business 1 had their email account hacked. The hackers used Business 1's email address and sent Business 2 their bank account details which the money was paid into. Detectives are investigating the matter.

Senior Constable David Henderson said: "Unfortunately this is not the first time this scam has taken place on the Northern Rivers, and it is one that businesses - large and small - need to be aware of".

He said a "mum and dad" business was scammed in a similar fashion just after the 2017 floods.

He said they made regular payments to a particular business and received an email they believed to be from that business requesting payment be made to a different account. The email cited an audit and the impact of the floods as reason for the change in bank details.

The payment was made to the new account, which went to the scammers.

Senior Constable Henderson said the local business was targeted at a particularly vulnerable time.


"If you are regularly invoiced and the company you are paying email you claiming they want you to send the money to a new account, you really should contact them by phone or in person to confirm." #LismoreScamWatch