185 homes set to temporarily lose water

Some Alstonville residents won’t have access to drinking water services for a day, while essential works are carried out.

Ballina Shire Council has advised drinking water services in Alstonville will be temporarily unavailable for properties located north of Main Street from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday, January 27.

Approximately 185 properties will be impacted by this outage on the following streets:

  • Albert Street
  • Shoalhaven Street
  • Elliot Ave
  • Kim Court
  • Evelyn Villa Drive
  • Commercial Road
  • Park Avenue
  • High Street
  • Bugden Ave
  • South Street

During this time no drinking water will be available via internal or external water outlets.

The temporary disruption will allow council’s Water and Wastewater Section to install a new water main.

Council offered some tips that will assist residents during the outage:

  • Fill drinking containers the day before in preparation.
  • During any water disruption, it’s important to leave taps off as the water may return at any time.
  • When water returns, it may be discoloured. This is due to sediment. Please run the tap until the water runs clear.
  • Water may appear milky. This is caused by small air bubbles. Don’t be alarmed it is not harmful, and will settle in a short period.

For inquiries, contact the council’s Water and Wastewater section on 1300 864 444.