2 FOR 1 RIDES: How to get your coupons for Lismore Show

ARE YOU planning to take the kids to the North Coast National?

Enjoying the rides is a fun part of the show for youngsters, whether it's the teacup ride, dodgem cars or the ever-popular Joy Whizzer.

The North Coast National always has a good selection of rides that the whole family can enjoy, even if you don't like going upside down and side to side. 

To help save you a few dollars at this year's show, The Northern Star is giving you some two-for-one ride coupons.

In Wednesday's paper, there will be a whole page of coupons for you to use at the show on Thursday, between 3pm and 7pm.

Thursday's paper will feature a page of coupons for use at the North Coast National on Friday, 3pm-7pm.

Terms and conditions apply for both sets of coupons.

Heather Williams from The Northern Star said the paper had a long association with the North Coast National, and in offering the two-for-one ride coupons.

"This give families attending the show great value and the opportunity to enjoy all the show has to offer," she said.

"Make sure you pick up Wednesday's and Thursday's Northern Star for your ride coupons."