The "Girl of Enghelab Street”, Vida Movahed, was sentenced to jail for removing her headscarf on a street in the Iranian capital, Tehran. video grab

2 years' jail for taking off hijab

AN IRANIAN woman who publicly removed her veil in protest against the country's mandatory hijab law has been sentenced to two years' jail.

She intends to appeal the verdict, Mizan Online reports.

The woman was jailed on Wednesday for three months without parole and Tehran's prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi said she was in need of medical treatment.

But he criticised the suspension of the majority of her sentence and argued that she should serve the full term of her penalty.

More than 30 Iranian women have been arrested since late December for removing their veils in public in defiance of the law.

A number of women in Iran have been pictured protesting the headscarf by publicly taking off their hijabs and waving them on sticks in recent months.

Videos and photos shared widely on Facebook and Twitter have showed the women purportedly following the lead of a woman who was arrested for a similar demonstration in January.

The 31-year-old protester, known as the "Girl of Enghelab Street”, later identified as Vida Movahed, took off her headscarf on a street in the capital Tehran. She was detained for several weeks before being released from custody.

Women in Iran have been forced to cover their hair since the 1979 revolution, although they are usually sentenced to far shorter terms of two months or less, and fined $25.

- May Bulman, The Independent