It wasn’t that long ago the birth of a girl was considered a disappointment, and in some countries, it still is. (Pic: iStock)
It wasn’t that long ago the birth of a girl was considered a disappointment, and in some countries, it still is. (Pic: iStock)

20 vintage baby names for boys

Sophisticated and strong, just like their grandfather.

1. ALEXANDER. This strong name rises and falls in popularity. Alex is a great shortened version, but Alexander the Great will always convey a strong, masculine image, as will the name.

2. ARTHUR. Celtic in origin and meaning 'bear', this grandfather name is oh so adorbs on a little boy. Imagine calling out 'Arty!" at the park and having the cutest little redheaded running your way.

3. BENJAMIN. This biblical name can be shortened to just 'Ben'. There's also 'Benji' which is super cute but the full name, Benjamin just exudes power and strength.

4. CALVIN. Once considered slightly geeky, this moniker was re-styled thanks to the likes of Calvin Klein and Calvin Harris. Just don't tell anyone that it means 'bald and hairless' and all will be fiiiiine.

5. CHARLES. Sure, Charlie is one of the most popular baby names this decade, but have you ever considered the full version, 'Charles'? It means 'free man' and has a very regal feel to it ...

6. DESMOND. Here's a rather obscure name that seems like it belongs on someone in the older generation. 'Des' for short can make a great nickname, and hey ... your kid probably won't have to share this name with a peer in their class!

7. FREDERICK. Meaning 'peaceful ruler', this classic German name can be shortened down to 'Fred' or even 'Rick'. Name your next one Frank and you could have a Frank and Fred which is TOTES CUTE!

8. GILBERT. This German name means 'shining pledge', and if you follow the rule of the 100 year cycle, this name will be rising in popularity again pretty soon.

9. GUS. We just LOVE three-letter names. If not for the simplicity of teaching your child to write and spell their name properly, they're just so strong and powerful. If you're not a fan, how about a longer name which can be shortened to Gus? There's Augustus, Angus and Gustave too!

10. HARRY. Rather fittingly, this name means 'estate ruler' and regularly comes and goes in popularity. Famous Harrys include Prince Harry, Harry Potter and Harry Styles.

11. HARVEY. This French name means 'battle worthy' and there are no words. It's just too sweet! (However be warned: Harvey has taken a huge dip in popularity after the accusations against Harvey Weinstein came to light. Something to keep in mind!)

12. HENRY. Meaning 'estate ruler', this little man could rule the house. Oh wait, all babies do that anyway, don't they?

13. HUGH. OK forget about Hugh Heffner and even Hugh Grant. Picture Hugh Jackman! This little Hugh will be the talk of all the ladies with his stylish classical name.

14. JULIUS. This name from Latin origin means 'youthful, downy-bearded', but despite babies not having beards, it can be a great fit for a baby boy. Can also be shortened to 'Jules', and we're just in love!

15. LOUIS. You can also spell this one Lewis. Surely it'll be rising in popularity now since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their third baby Louis.

16. MARTIN. This is an oldie but a goodie. From Latin origins, this name means 'warlike' but a new little bub called Martin will only bring peace to your lives.

17. SIDNEY. This unisex name is great if you live in Sydney and want to do one of those name-your-child-after-where-they-were-conceived things. If not, it's still super cute, with Sid for short.

18. THEODORE. From the Greek meaning, 'Gift of God', this moniker can be shortened to 'Theo' or even 'Ted' or 'Teddy'. SUPER CUTE!

19. VICTOR. Latin, meaning 'conqueror', this is a lovely, strong name for your little boy.

20. WALLACE. This old Scottish name means 'foreigner, or stranger' and if you stop thinking about that old man you know called Wally, you might realise just how adorable it would be for a little boy.

This article appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.