A man lost $20,000 to scammers claiming to be from Telstra.
A man lost $20,000 to scammers claiming to be from Telstra. FILE

$20k stolen in phone scam

A STRANGER called to say a local man's computer had been hacked and they were there to help - believing him cost the victim $20,000.

The victim answered a call from an unknown male claiming to be from Telstra, who told him his computer was compromised by hackers and he needed to download a program called 'Team Viewer' on both his desktop computer and his mobile phone.

The victim downloaded the program on both his desktop and mobile phone and the unknown male asked him to open his bank account and check to make sure no money was missing. The victim agreed and logged into his bank account.

After the call the victim became suspicious and contacted Telstra only to be informed that the call was not from Telstra.

The victim checked his bank account and found that nearly $20,000 was taken from his account.

Byron Tweed Police said these stories are very common and everyone is talking about it, however people are still falling victim to these types of scams.

They said never open your bank account or give anyone access to your bank accounts when upgrading computer software.

Police are currently investigating this matter, but said identifying offenders, especially overseas, is very difficult and unlikely.

They asked people to be careful.