Election staff hard at work counting votes
Election staff hard at work counting votes Scott Davis

333 local jobs up for grabs thanks to state election

IF YOU have ever tried to get a few people together, then you can appreciate the scale of staging an election in Australia.

Ten weeks and counting - that's all the time we have left before the March 23 state election.

The entire population will cast their vote on a single day, a day that will bring more than 330 jobs into the region.

Between Lismore and Tweed there are 47 voting centres and between them they will employ 333 people.

A significant number of those jobs are still to be filled.

The NSW electoral commissioner, John Schmidt, said these workers were the unsung heroes of this and every state election.

He said they worked long hours on the day as well as before and after, to make the voting go smoothly barring the occasional hiccup.

"Delivering democracy is worthy work,” he said.

Across NSW some 20,000 people work on the day of the election, although there are some administrative positions that can go for up to eight weeks around election day.

With 10 weeks to go only half of the needed staff have been found, leaving another 10,000 jobs to be filled.

Mr Schmidt said there were a variety of roles that are still available all over the state with many requiring minimal experience.

"Do not let having no experience stop you,” he said.

"We provide all the necessary training.

"We are seeking people who are team players, good communicators and enjoy working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

"There are some electoral districts where we are particularly short of staff and keen to hear from local applicants.”

Mr Schmidt said election work provides people with transferable skills as well as income.

He encouraged anyone interested to apply, especially if you can speak another language, as well as English.

Younger people are also encouraged to apply for a position.

To work at the election, you will need to be enrolled to vote.

Interested in applying? Then access the commissions' website, www.elections.nsw.gov.au and fill out an expression of interest.