Aerial view of Ballina
Aerial view of Ballina

5 big issues to be decided at Ballina council meeting

DISPOSAL of dead whales to Ballina Cup Day, councillors will debate a wide range of issues in a packed council meeting on Thursday.

Here's a run down of what the councillors will be debating at Thursday's meeting:

Should Ballina Cup day be a public holiday?

SIX options will be put to councillors to debate if Ballina Cup day will be a public holiday or a local event day.

Council staff have recommended the latter to councillors, citing that the council previously moved to support the alternative.

A local event day refers to a day-off for residents within a local government area to celebrate a community event.

The council will choose which of the following options will apply to cup day:

1. Half day Public Holiday (12 noon to 12 midnight)

2. Part day Public Holiday (12 noon to 6 pm)

3. Part day Public Holiday (for any other period of time)

4. Local Event Day

5. Part Day Local Event Day

6. Or alternatively, not apply at all.

Dead whales

THE need for a review into the disposal of whale carcasses that wash ashore on beaches will be tabled at council in light of concerns burying the creatures on beaches may attract sharks.

Councillor Sharon Cadwallader will move a notice of motion to request that the State Government review existing procedure to manage marine carcasses on beaches.

In the business paper, Cr Cadwallader referred to "significant public funds" used by Port Macquarie council to exhume and dispose of a humpback whale that washed onto the beach in recent times.

"Therefore it is important under any process to consider the scientific information or risk analysis for the local community to be aware there is a potential financial liability to Council if we were to be involved in an operation of this type in the future," she said.

Research by Southern Cross University and the Department of Primary industries is underway to determine whether the leachate from whale burials attracts marine predators.

At this stage, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that buried dead whale carcasses attract predators.

Proposed River St servo

COUNCIL staff have recommended refusal of a proposal to build a new service station in the main street of Ballina, highlighting traffic issues as main reasons for the decision.

The $1.8 million service station at 413-423 River St, was proposed to be open seven days a week, operating 24 hours a day.

Council staff said the proposed development had "traffic safety issues", namely the Brampton Avenue merge into River Street as well as the service station conflicts with the plans in the Ballina Shire Roads Contribution Plan 2014.

The development was lodged to the council on January 4, 2017.

Ballina pool update

WET weather has delayed the constructions of the Ballina and Alstonville pools pushing back the completion date for both projects until next year.

The Ballina pool is now expected to be completed by January 15 and the Alstonville facility by January 8.

More time was also needed for the removal of additional asbestos from the concrete at the bottom of the former pools.

Killen Falls management plan

A plan of management for Killen Falls will be confirmed at Thursday's meeting, more that a year after the council rersolved to create the strategy.

In June 2016, the council resolved to prepare a management plan for the Council-owned land in the vicinity of Killen Falls to assist with the long term planning of the area

The Tintenbar natural treasure has long been a tourist draw card and a popular area for locals to cool off during the warmer months.