The Back Alley Gallery in Lismore should be inspiration for what is possible in the CBD. Photo: Kate O'Neill
The Back Alley Gallery in Lismore should be inspiration for what is possible in the CBD. Photo: Kate O'Neill

5 new projects that could change Lismore forever

LISMORE prides itself on being the business hub of the Northern Rivers, but these five projects could change the city as we know it.


1. Laneway Projects

Lismore has an intricate network of laneways throughout its CBD but most are decrepitated, laden with potholes and have seen better days.

The Back Alley Gallery shows us what an alleyway can be if given the right care and attention. The Gallery's visually stunning artworks are a crowd-puller and Lismore Council's laneway project, if executed well, should build on that.

Melbourne laneways? Who would want to go there?


2. Heritage Park

If you have seen any local media in recent weeks, you would think the Lismore Lake pool is the most pressing aquatic attraction in the city.

The soon to be opened, half-a-million dollar upgrade of Heritage Park is nearing completion - complete with water misters and water guns for kids, it will be a sure-fire hit with the warmer summer months just around the corner.


3. Hotels in the CBD

Having a top-quality hotel in the heart of Lismore will mean a huge pay-off, allowing tourists to enjoy Lismore's food and beverage scene without the need to designate a driver or travel back to a neighbouring town. With The Sherwood Hotel entering the scene at the old site of Tommy's Bar and Restaurant, and owner John Elsey hoping to be open by Christmas, that dream might be a reality soon.



4. A lush, green parkland

Think of all the great cities in the world and you'll find a decked out parkland acting as a hive of activity in the centre of it. Even New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made, has Central Park.

A parkland, complete with cafes and a multistorey treehouse playground, was mooted earlier this year by council and it would be a great use of under-utilised oval space

It is blue sky thinking but no one ever improved something by doing the same thing over and over again.

Ask Einstein.


5. World class sporting precinct.

Lismore is incredibly lucky to have two high-quality sporting facilities in Oakes Oval and Crozier Field but this new development in Tidal Pavilion would take it to another level.

As well as ensuring Lismore cements its reputation as the best sporting area in the North Coast, the development will elevate the match-day experience for players and spectators alike.