Don't be that person.
Don't be that person.

5 tips to stay classy at the Ballina Cup today

WE'VE all seen footage on TV of those girls in pretty dresses and high heels staggering around at the end of the Melbourne Cup, clearly on the way to a nasty hangover in the morning.

Or the blokes with ties askew, being dragged off the racetrack by burly security guards.

That would never happen in Ballina, surely?

Today's the big day - the Ballina Cup - and organisers and police are warning punters to take care.

Police will be out checking speeds and running mobile RBTs.

Ballina Shire Council and RMS road safety officer, Helen Carpenter, urged race-goers to drink responsibly and drive responsibly on Cup Day.

She advised people to:

1. Plan ahead

2. Call a taxi

3. Get a designated driver

4. Catch the bus

5. Stick to soft drinks instead of booze.

"This Ballina Cup Day, don't end in disaster or with a mobile RBT. Get a Plan B", Ms Carpenter said.