POPULAR: Our Kids fundraising co-ordinator Rebekka Battista.
POPULAR: Our Kids fundraising co-ordinator Rebekka Battista. Marc Stapelberg

50 Most Influential Women: Who should be on our list?

WHO will be on this year's 50 Most Influential Women list?

As soon as we asked the question on social media, some names started to come up immediately, and one of them was Our Kids' Rebekka Battista.

So ahead of the unveiling of the list, we asked the much-loved Lismore resident who she thought should be on the list.

"Jenny Dowell is someone who definitely should be in. I think she should be in because of her influence. Janelle Saffin should also be in," Mrs Battista said.

"There are also some beautiful unsung heroes out there, for instance, someone who is instrumental in the community and supports a lot of the work we do and may not be on the radar is Karen Campbell from Laser Plumbing, a beautiful lady who is incredibly generous.

"Also, Carol Quilkey from the Richmond Hotel, a person who is constantly giving to the community but may not be in the media or recognised as often as they should.

"Someone who should be on the list is Taya Smith, a Lismore girl who went to Kadina High, who is one of the lead singers for Hillsong Music, she is an absolute star around the world.

"Other people I love who should be on the list are Jyllie Jackson for her work with the Lismore Lantern Parade and our beautiful (former The Northern Star photographic editor) Jacklyn Wagner, all wonderful Lismore women.

"You had to open a can of worms!"

The Northern Star's list of the region's 50 Most Influential Women will roll out from Monday, August 12, with 10 people to be revealed each day on our website: www.northernstar.com.au

The top 10 most influential women will be announced on Friday, August 16.