50 of NSW’s most cash-strapped schools revealed


It may be located 1400km east of Byron Bay in the South Pacific Ocean - but Norfolk Island Central School - has the dubious honour of being NSW's most cash-strapped school.

The school - which was established in 1906 by agreement with the NSW Education Department and has 282 students - made a gross income of just $435,000 in the three years to 2017, an analysis of the most recent data from MySchool by The Daily Telegraph found.

Those figures do not include any deductions for income allocated to capital works or debt servicing.

In NSW itself, Bradfield College at St Leonards in Sydney's north had the second lowest gross income, making $563,084.

The third lowest gross income was at Lindfield Montessori Preschool which made $865,301.



The NSW schools with the lowest gross income 2015-17

Norfolk Island Central School: $435,000

Bradfield College: $563,084

Lindfield Montessori Preschool: $865,301

Marra Creek Public School: $871,129

Macdonald Valley Public School: $942,302

International Chinese School: $955,614

Mandurama Public School: $957,670

Doubtful Creek Public School: $970,076

Yanginanook School: $979,861

Thomas More Christian Montessori School: $1m