Should it still be called Mooball, or a healthier option, like Cabbageball?
Should it still be called Mooball, or a healthier option, like Cabbageball? Blainey Woodham

6 place names that should change on the Northern Rivers

RECENTLY in Tasmania the animal activist group PETA wanted to change the name of Bacon and Eggs Bay to a much healthier option.

Peas and Carrots Bay, perhaps? Lentils and Mung Beans Bay anyone?

It got us thinking about names around the Northern Rivers that we think should be changed because they are unhealthy/offensive/irrelevant.

A quick survey around the office provided these examples, but we'd love to hear yours.

Lucas (4) Harris with mum Fiona at the place on Chinaman's Beach in Evans Head where LUcas was sucked down and stuck in the sand. Photo Marc Stapelberg / The Northern Star
Originally named Chinamans Beach because of the Chinese that mined gold there. Marc Stapelberg

1. Chinamans Beach, Evans Head

One of Evans Head's beautiful beaches on the south side and named after the fact alluvial gold was found in the area in the 1870s, which attracted around 300 Chinese gold miners.

It was suggested that the current name was racist and perhaps Chinese people don't like being called Chinamen or Chinapersons.

Perhaps because gold was found in small quantities there....Gold's Beach?

A man was rescued from the summit of Mount Warning yesterday.
Should Mount Warning revert back completely to its Aboriginal name? Contributed

2. Mount Warning

The volcanic plug of the now-gone Tweed Volcano, it was named by the then Lieutenant James Cook when he saw it from the sea.

Because the mountain is a place of cultural and traditional significance to the Bundjalung people it's suggested it should primarily be known as Wollumbin.

It currently holds a dual name of Wollumbin/Mount Warning as applied by the NSW Geographical names board in 2006.

3. Mooball

How about Cabbageball?

Much healthier than all that meat, although the after effects may be on par for smells.

Besides, there is only so much cow hide patterns we can deal with.

MISSION DESCRIPTION: Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked an accident between a car and a truck at Devil's Pulpit, on the Pacific Highway south of Woodburn.
One person from the car is being airlifted directly to the Gold Coast Hospital.
Pic: Devil's Pulpit MVA
Caption: The scene of the accident
That section of the Pacific Highway known as Devil's Pulpit sounds pretty scary.

4. Devil's Pulpit

South on the way to Maclean is the hill and state forest with the scary name.

Anyone who has driven along the Pacific Highway will know this area.

It was suggested the name was too negative and perhaps it should be turned around and called Angel's Pulpit.

Four-wheel driving on Angels Beach, Ballina.
Four-wheel driving on Angels Beach, Ballina or should that be a less religious name. Rebecca Lollback

5. Angel's Beach, Ballina

Still on the topic of angels, it was suggested that calling it Angel's Beach had too many religious connotations.

So perhaps it should be better known as Secular Beach or Atheist's Beach.

What do you think?

Thousands of people lined the streets of Casino to walk the  Beef Week Festival Street Parade at Casino on Saturday,. Photo Jerad Williams / The Northern Star
Thousands of people lined the streets of Casino to walk the Beef Week Festival Street Parade at Casino, which was originally known as Cassino. Photo Jerad Williams / The Northern Star Jerad Williams

6. Casino

Have you ever tried googling the town of Casino and getting a long list of places where you could lose your money?

The suggestion of the town's name being changed would perhaps help people not be tempted by gambling.

Originally it was called Cassino, named after the township of the same name in Italy at the foot of Monte Cassino.

Only because of a misspelling when registering the town, it has since been known as Casino.