Patrons waiting over 6 hours to get their hands on a Splendour ticket during local sale yesterday in Byron Bay.
Patrons waiting over 6 hours to get their hands on a Splendour ticket during local sale yesterday in Byron Bay. Samantha Poate

7-hour wait to get locals tickets for Splendour

ANGRY residents are calling on Splendour in the Grass organisers to change the way in which the local presale is run after enduring a seven-hour wait in Byron Bay yesterday.

Splendour's general manager Elise Huntley said the demand for tickets in the local sale this year was the biggest the event had ever seen.

"We did anticipate that it would be popular and put on extra sales staff, but an unprecedented number of people turned up," she said.

"As a result of the huge demand, some patrons did queue for quite a few hours. We processed sales as quickly as possible."


One Byron Bay woman said she waited more than four hours in the line to get two one-day tickets for her two children.

"The people were treated like animals on a ship, cows or sheep," she said.

"A car hit me in Lateen Lane, the P-plate driver was rude to me as he hit my arm with his car."

The woman said residents who were eligible for the local sale should be able to access it online from the comfort of their own home.

"In this day and age I find the Splendour service really quite pre-historic," she said.

"The line up was last century, it belonged in the stone ages and is a horrible way to treat people. I saw one lady collapsed on the ground."

Jade Brouwer from Mullumbimby said the enormous line could be attributed to Splendour organisers widening the postcode areas eligible for local presale.

"Pottsville is now included and they are not even affected by the festival," Ms Brouwer said.

"Apparently another factor was the number of teens turning 18 in the shire as their birth dates were recorded on the form."

Yesterday's sale even extended longer than its originally scheduled trading hours 10am to 4pm, with some stating on social media they purchased their tickets close to 7pm.

Ms Huntley said anyone who arrived after 4pm was unable to join the queue.

"The patrons who had already been waiting were able to move through and purchase," Ms Huntley said.

"So the sale did continue after 4pm by only to process those who were already in line."

She said they were thrilled that so many locals are keen to join them at the North Byron Parklands in July.

"We would like to thank everyone for their patience and good vibes," Ms Huntley said.

"We are so very humbled by the support from our local community. Big love to you all!"

My experience of the Splendour local presale:

Being relatively new to the area, this year became the first I was eligible for the local presale.

I set an alarm to arrive at the presale at 10am as organisers informed me I would not have to line up prior to the sale.

Upon arrival at 10am I was shocked to see the line already circling from the front of the Northern Hotel, up through their bottle shop, down Lateen Lane, through to Fletcher Street and back around to Byron Street.

However, I was committed and was not going to give up my place in the line after waiting two hours.

My saving grace was the Northern staff walking up and down the line giving out jugs, cups and buckets of free water to combat heat stroke and exhaustion - patrons (including myself) stood in the sun for a great length of time.

I didn't get to the front of the queue until just after 3pm making my wait a total of five hours.

What was even worse was my card decided it wouldn't work once I got to one of the staff members at the front of the queue.

Lucky one of my gorgeous friends allowed me to use hers and I transferred her my ticket price then and there.

I said to myself I will be relieved when I have confirmed my booking today, saving myself from the frenzy and stress on Tuesday and Thursday like so many others will experience trying to access the sale online.

However next time I will probably wait for the online sale with everyone else.

  • General public tickets will go on sale this Thursday from 9am on the moshtix website.