$7.2 million in funding to local councils announced

PAGE MP Kevin Hogan has announced $7.2 million in third quarterly payments to Page's councils under the Federal Government's Financial Assistance Grant Programme.

"Councils in Page will receive a total of $28.8 million this financial year," he said.

"The Australian Government is committed to supporting local communities to deliver the services and facilities they need.

"The Financial Assistance Grant programme will deliver $9.3 billion to local governments from 2014-15 to 2018-19 for investing in services and building community infrastructure.

"The great thing about today's funding is councils are free to spend this untied grant money according to local priorities, including for infrastructure, health, recreation, environment, employment and roads projects.

"As such, it is tangible recognition from the Federal Government of the importance of local councils, which is in addition to the Australian Government's $2.1 billion Roads to Recovery, $500 million Black Spot and $300 million Bridges Renewal programmes.

"I am looking forward to seeing our local councils target local priorities with today's Financial Assistance Grant funding."

Local councils will receive the following funding under the Australian Government Financial Assistance Grant programme:


3rd quarter: $929,437

Total for 2014/2015: $3,717,750

Clarence Valley

3rd quarter: $2,563,849

Total for 2014/2015: $10,255,398


3rd quarter: $974,138

Total for 2014/2015: $3,896,552


3rd quarter: $1,561,067

Total for 2014/2015: $6,244,268

Richmond Valley

3rd quarter: $1,170,741

Total for 2014/2015: $4,682,965