Police Trevor Veale

73-year-old man driving more than three times over the limit

AN ELDERLY Evans Head man will face court after he was allegedly found drink driving more than three-and-a-half times over the legal limit.

Richmond Police District will allege they were called after a 73-year-old Evans Head man was seen driving a car along Cedar Street Woodburn, crashing into the gutters at 1.45pm on Thursday.

Police stopped the vehicle on Cedar St soon after where the driver failed a roadside breath test and was taken to Evans Head Police Station.

There he provided a breath analysis of 0.169, or more than three-and-a-half times the legal limit.

The man's licence was suspended and he will face Ballina Local Court on a charge of High Range PCA in April.

Senior-Constable David Henderson said he wished people would stop drink driving.

"I wish I could say this is was an isolated incident,” he said.

"It seems that every time I am listening to the police radio I hear police arresting someone for a breath or drug test.

"If you are caught driving with drugs or alcohol in your system you will have to go to Court and face losing your licence, a large fine and having a criminal history.

"Repeat offenders may be sent to prison. If you injure someone while under the influence you face the very real possibility of a long time in prison.

"Your local police are breath and drug testing people 24/7; please drive sober and look after your mates if they try to drive under the influence.”