Stock photo of police at a Lismore address.
Stock photo of police at a Lismore address.

8 crimes on the rise in Northern Rivers towns

NEWLY-released figures from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research indicate a decline in a number of major crimes in Richmond-Tweed Police Districts.

The 12-month figures to December 2019 show the districts have had the state's most significant drop in property offences, down by 10.3 per cent.

There are eight crimes on the rise in Northern Rivers Local Government Areas.


1. Violent offences in Kyogle

Violent offences are up by 4.2 per cent over 60 months in Kyogle. The rise in violent offences has been more rapid in Kyogle than the whole of NSW, which is also trending upwards. Violent offences increased by 1.9 per cent over the same time frame.


2. Steal from retail store in Ballina

This crime increased by a staggering 54.9 per cent in Ballina over a 24-month period. A well-known case includes the jewellery store robbery at Ballina Fair in December.


3. Fraud in Byron

In another rather significant escalation, fraud in the Byron Shire increased by 48.2 per cent from 168 acts of fraud in the year to December 2018 to 249 the following year. Statewide, fraud figures were stable.


4. Steal from motor vehicle in Kyogle

This crime has increased in frequency by 18.5 per cent in Kyogle over 24 months, in contrast to neighbouring LGA Lismore, it's down by 41.8 per cent.


5. Robbery with a firearm in Ballina, Richmond Valley

In Ballina and Richmond Valley LGAs, reports of this crime have increased, up to 2.2 and 2.1 times the state average per 100,000 people respectively.

There were just two cases in Ballina and one in the Richmond Valley over 12 months.


6. Sexual assault in Kyogle

This went up slightly over a 12-month period to 2.2 times the state rate. There were 15 cases of sexual assault in Kyogle, compared to 14 a year earlier.


7. Murder in Ballina

One murder can put a dent in the figures, and this case where a young man was killed in Ballina has seen the murder rate rise.


8. Indecent assault, act of indecency or sexual offence in Richmond Valley

This offence was up to 2.3 times the state average with 56 cases, from 41 cases the year prior.