YELLOW CARS: Spotto is a great game to play when entertaining kids on long car trips.
YELLOW CARS: Spotto is a great game to play when entertaining kids on long car trips. Lindsay Davidson

8 games to play on those long car trips

THERE are hours of driving stretching out ahead of you and a car full of active children you need to keep occupied.

Batteries on the phones only last for so long and the traffic is heavy, so the trip is getting longer.

What to do, what to do?

Never fear, we have compiled a list of games, tried and tested by Northern Star staff, that may be able to help you.

You've probably played them yourself in your youth or you may get some new ideas here.

1. Eye Spy

The eternal favourite which can actually help little ones with their spelling, as they need to know the first letter of the object they are looking at. The secret to keeping it interesting is 'a fast game is a good game'. Have a time limit to make people guess faster.

2. Spotto

This is where yellow cars become like gold. The first person to see any type of yellow vehicle yells out 'Spotto' and gains a point. After a certain amount of time, the first person to have the most points wins. You'll be surprised how few yellow cars there are on the road.

3. Car bingo

Write out a list of items that people need to look for while on the journey. As they see each item, they mark them off and the first person to complete the list yells out 'bingo'. Honesty plays a big part in this game.

4. The Yes/No game

One person asks another as many questions as possible within a minute. If the person being asked the question answers 'yes' or 'no' within that minute they lose.

5. Counting road kill

This is a little grimmer, but very self-explanatory.

6. Memory game

Each person takes turns starting with the sentence "I went to the shop and bought a.....”. The next person repeats the sentence including the item of the person before and their own. This continues on until the list gets too long to remember all items.

7. Invent a story

Each person has to add a sentence to a tale when it is their turn.

8. Read a book

If all else fails, take a good book. For the littlies maybe you can read a story to them. You might have the added bonus where they nod off during the trip.