It's time to get organised for school.
It's time to get organised for school.

9 tips to get ready for the first day of school

THE first day of kindergarten is a big event in your child's life - and that of your entire family.

To help you make the most of the day and enjoy the experience, here are some helpful tips.

The night before:

  • Lay out your child's clothes, shoes and socks
  • Make your child's morning tea and lunch and pop it in the fridge
  • Help your child pack their school bag
  • Pack a spare pair of underpants, socks and a change of clothes. Let your child know these are there in case they have any toilet accidents at school.

On the day:

  • Be confident with your child and let them dress themselves as much as possible
  • Tie back or plait long hair
  • Apply sunscreen and take a hat
  • Don't forget to take photos
  • Pick your child up on time.

(Source: NSW Education)