Attorney General labels case against Adani "vigilanteeism"

THE Federal Attorney-General has labelled environmental groups' recent court case against the Adani Carmichael coal mine "vigilanteeism".

Senator George Brandis yesterday also told Sky News he expected his Cabinet colleagues would support changes to environmental laws to prevent future such challenges.

He told Sky News he believed it was important "that the courts not be used by people with an aim of vigilanteeism, to bring massive projects to a standstill".

The project was delayed last week after a court ruled Environment Minister Greg Hunt did not take into account key conservation advice, believed to be due to an administrative error.

"I think my Cabinet colleagues would be just as appalled as I was at the Adani decision," Sen Brandis said.

While the Cabinet has not yet considered any changes resulting from the court case, Sen Brandis said he was urging other ministers to "look at this matter".

The mine was approved with a raft of conditions, but has been delayed until Mr Hunt can fully consider its effects on a vulnerable skink and a snake.