Australians being ripped off when buying online content

AUSTRALIANS buying television programs online are paying massive premiums for the content, as much as 376% higher for some programs, than consumers in the United Kingdom.

A price analysis by consumer group Choice found the 376% premiums were being charged for Australians buying the upcoming season of Walking Dead, compared with British consumers.

It also found similarly high premiums for season two of Orange is the New Black (219% higher than United States charges) at $27 and other popular television programs.

Choice chief executive Alan Kirkland said despite the shows being delivered online, consumers were being hit with "the Australia Tax" on digital content.

"It's clear the business models forced on consumers by local intermediaries are subjecting Australians to artificially high prices for overseas content," he said.

"Consumers are asking themselves why they have to pay a premium to Foxtel when they can access and pay a reasonable price for content through legitimate overseas services like Netflix."

The consumer group, which has been campaigning on digital content charges, called for the Federal Government to address competition and market delivery issues to ensure Australians were not over-charged. - APN NEWSDESK