Australia's youth unemployment hits eighth worst in G20

DESPITE Australia's youth unemployment rate now the eighth highest among G20 countries, the International Labour Organisation has backed the nation's strategies to deal with the problem.

Two reports from the ILO released on Tuesday ahead of the G20 Labour minister's meeting this week, cite Australia's approach to tackling high youth unemployment as one of the best in the G20.

One of the reports noted the youth unemployment rate in Australia was exceeded only by economically struggling countries including Italy, South Africa and the European Union.

But the other, on initiatives to create jobs for young people, cited the community youth hubs program as one key to expanding job and training opportunities in Australia.

It also noted Australia was among 11 of the G20 nations to "scale up the resources devoted to active labour market programs for youth".

The report also noted several countries including Korea were "inspired" by the German, British and Australian apprenticeship systems and were following the lead.

But the report said more needed to be done, including providing more apprenticeships, monitoring the success of such programs and a bigger push to provide more jobs for young unemployed.

The reports were released ahead of the G20 Labour and Employment Minister's meeting, where all countries were preparing yesterday to renew pledges to address youth unemployment. - APN NEWSDESK