A front page from The Northern Star newspaper from 1906.
A front page from The Northern Star newspaper from 1906. The Northern Star Archives

A day in the life of a newsroom

BY THE time our readers open The Northern Star print edition over breakfast or read the headlines online, our breaking news reporters in the region and beyond have already filed the first stories of the day.

While no two days are ever alike, here's a taste of how The Northern Star is put together each day.

5am News director Rebecca Lollback logs in from home and checks her emails, internal and external news sources for updates on global, national and local trends such as emergencies, accidents, events, weather.

7.30am Early shift photojournalist Alison Paterson arrives, logs on, checks her emails and social media, switches on the television and radio and checks her emails for news tips and updates.

8am Editor David Kirkpatrick arrives, and commences checking on the breaking news and prepares for the editorial meeting.

8.30am: By now the news staff are in and sorting out their schedules. Finished stories are sent to the online site throughout the day.

9am: Ms Lollback arrives and she and Mr Kirkpatrick hold the morning editorial conference, where everyone pitches their best story ideas.

9.30am: Designer and sub-editor Isobel Rogers arrives and meets with the editor and news director to sort out the key stories for the next day's newspaper.

9.30am on: All the reporters are busy on the phone or out in the field conducting interviews or attending media briefings.

11am: By now there will have been at least one major change of plan and stories will be flowing to the website and paper.

3pm: The editor, news director and designer meet with the photographer to decide on the best photos for early general news.

3.15pm: Page proofs continue to be distributed and pages are sent off for typesetting then into the system to be printed.

4pm: Reporters have completed most stories.

5.30pm: Final deadline. Print edition is published in Brisbane and trucked to the Northern Rivers for delivery to newsagents and beyond.