Promo for Vintage festival in Mallanganee.
Promo for Vintage festival in Mallanganee.

A day to celebrate waste turned into art and useful things

WASTE and recycling for those of us with a few years under the belt isn't anything new.

I grew up with parents who never threw almost anything away; our egg cartons were saved, newspapers, bottles were cashed in at the milk bar.

We repaired, re-purposed and sewed our way through life, appreciating and valuing every purchase and find.

My love of antiques comes from the appreciation, skill and integrity which has gone into the making of each piece.

I sometimes wonder if there will be any antiques in the future from this era; not only due to the lack of quality, but our attitude of "we'll just buy another one”, "I don't have time”, "it's too hard”.

I understand times are tough but they were even tougher then. Maybe that's why my parents' generation made it through the tough times.

My father was given a trailer load of timber foundry moulds which had been used to make a power turbine which were skilfully honed and made from the best of timbers, and with a bit of imagination he produced mirrors, clocks, pedestals, tables, lamps and wonderful artworks.

He not only enjoyed the process but a true sense of purpose and satisfaction saw him able to cope with retirement.

You don't have to be retired to re-purpose but as a young man he always found time to make our furniture and toys.

Not all of us are my dad but how about asking around before throwing anything out, as they say 'one person's trash is another's treasure”?

Susan Richardson,