SHOW: Irish-Australian musician Aine Tyrrell is releasing a new album.
SHOW: Irish-Australian musician Aine Tyrrell is releasing a new album.

A few good women to help the music pirate

A FEW Good Women is a special show to fundraise for Irish artist Aine Tyrrell to release her new album.

In 2017, Tyrrell travelled from the Northern Rivers to the country of her birth to make her latest album Return to the Sea.

She packed up her three kids plus her long-time musical producer Mark Stanley and visited the places and people who helped make her the woman she is today to record her album.

Fiercely independent, Tyrrell is not one to bend to the demands of conventional production arrangements, and so with the help of Creative Arts Victoria, Stanley and her international fan base, Return to the Sea was recorded in lounge rooms, bars, old churches and on remote islands.

Tyrrell's passion proved to be infectious with her Pozible Crowdfunding campaign raising more than $18,000 in just three weeks to complete the project on her own terms.

"I have a true pirate spirit. It's in my bones. There's no ship I can't captain. Or at least try, but you can't do it alone. You need a rebel crew!" she said.

The full album, due for release shortly, is a treasure trove of contemporary narratives and musical sojourns with a solid respect for tradition and a passion for adventure and travelling to new lands, both real and musical.

A Few Good Women will feature Delta Kay and the Bunyarra Dancers, a performance by Mandy Nolan, a conversation with Mandy and Tyrrell, and then a one-hour solo set by Tyrrell previewing some of the work from her new album.

Tickets from

  • At Federal Hall, tomorrow Sunday, 3-6pm. $30.