Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber (below) in a scene of Cockfight by Gold Coast troupe The Farm.
Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber (below) in a scene of Cockfight by Gold Coast troupe The Farm.

Cockfight, a fight of artistic proportions

EXPLOSIVE, dynamic and fast-paced, Norpa's next show promises to be a treat.

Like an episode of The Office meets an Australian-style cage fight, Cockfight is a comical, combative and ultimately tender performance that explores masculinity and pushes the limits of physical theatre.

It opens with two blokes in an office.

One older, one younger.

They challenge each other in a series of comical one-upmanships that build to a moment of impact where everything is suspended, the flash of bared teeth, the mutual reliance on the fight, the desperation and loneliness of success.

Cockfight is a new physical theatre work developed over the last 18 months by Gold Coast-based company The Farm as part of Norpa's Generator program, in collaboration with Norpa's artistic director Julian Louis.

At the heart of Cockfight is a very real relationship between performers Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber who have been working together for many years.

Their humour, trust and understanding allow them to take extreme physical risks that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Cockfight promises to provoke and excite in equal measure.

Think Mad Max III

"Ive been drawn to work with The Farm as they are one of Australia's most fearless and dynamic dance companies. It's exciting working in a creative environment where there's a real sense that absolutely anything can happen. It's extremely satisfying to work with such talented performers and collaborators."  Julian Louis, co-devisor (Norpa)

"Cockfight is a duel between two men in an office, in a theatre. Think Mad Max III, 'two men enter, one man leaves'."  Joshua Thomson, performer and co-devisor (The Farm)

"Creating Cockfight has been like playing an old school video game - at first it's simple but then you come to realise to win takes skill."  Joshua Thomson, performer and co-devisor (The Farm)

The collaboration

"In a collaborative process an idea is proposed and then that idea is built upon by other members, arriving at a result far better than where we started."  Gavin Webber, performer & co-devisor (The Farm)

"There are moments where what you see and what you hear are so synchronised, like a film, when you can no longer question it - the viewer becomes overwhelmed by it."  Luke Smiles, sound designer (The Farm)

Male energy

"Audiences are going to witness two men at the top of their game, trying to out-do each other at whatever the hell that game actually is."  Kate Harman, co-devisor (The Farm)

"Men are too obsessed with shovelling their manure, although it makes for great comedy."  Luke Smiles, sound designer (The Farm)  

"Cockfight is an exploded fiction that appears to be about two office workers engaged in a generational power struggle, but is in fact about a real relationship between its two performers. Josh and I have been working together for over a decade and over the years our relationship has changed. Dancers have an early death where they can no longer keep competing with the next generation and I think Josh smells the blood in the water. He's circling me." Gavin Webber, performer and co-devisor (The Farm)

At Lismore City Hall, September 17  to 19 at 7.30pm. Bookings on 1300 066 772 or