ANGRY RESIDENTS: Police talk to local residents protesting against paid parking in Bangalow.
ANGRY RESIDENTS: Police talk to local residents protesting against paid parking in Bangalow. Marc Stapelberg

Council backs down on paid parking decision

BYRON Shire Council has temporarily backed down on the paid parking scheme in Bangalow following a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and community led protest.

Bangalow Chamber of Commerce President Jo Millar said the meeting was very positive as council made the decision to postpone works until after the council meeting on Thursday morning.

"Councillor Basil Cameron spoke in support of what we were saying and actually pointed out that he felt the due process and steps had not been met," Mrs Millar said.

Council's Director of Infrastructure Services Phil Holloway said an emergency motion was currently being drafted by Cr Cameron.

"As I understand it, it may be about the process undertaken and we are actually investigating with council about that," Mr Holloway.

"It obviously not formalised yet and he is still seeking some information."

However, there was a bit more controversy happening on the ground as the police attended the protest of a number of angry residents and business owners on the main street of Bangalow.

Mid appointments and day to day activities, locals were rushing out to move cars, place chairs over council markings and moving traffic cones.

Mrs Millar said one man was removed from the area due to his "aggressive nature" while dealing with the police.

Local newsagent in Bangalow, Carolyn Adams, was one of the dedicated protesters of the morning, as she left her hair dresser mid appointment to be a part of the community action.

"It's certainly not something I want as a business owner because I think it will be very detrimental to my business," Mrs Adams said.

Mrs Millar said council staff will be continuing to mark out the footpath until the paid parking decision is officially overturned.

"The council has to proceed as if it was going ahead... (however) they certainly won't be digging up the footpath and laying concrete slabs for the paid parking machines," she said.

Mrs Millar said tomorrow would be a lay day for the community before heading to the council meeting 9am Thursday morning to continue the debate.

"It's not over till the fat lady sings and there is no fat lady in sight," she said.

"I believe this can be resolved and I believe we can have a win win situation come out of it."