Homeless dwelling at former Noosa Tafe complex.
Homeless dwelling at former Noosa Tafe complex.

A TAFE to call home as homeless find refuge in school campus

THE abandoned Noosa TAFE complex has become a sanctuary for the region's homeless.

Member for Noosa Sandy Bolton advised she was aware at least one woman was residing at the former TAFE campus and was checked on regularly.

"She has been offered accommodation," Ms Bolton said.

Once a thriving campus with over 700 students, the Noosa TAFE closed in 2014.

Noosa Council's Director of Corporate Services Michael Shave said negotiations were continuing with the State Government about the former Tafe site purchase.

"AS CAN be appreciated, discussions have been placed on hold as both council and the state government deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we hope talks can resume in coming months," he said.

Mr Shave said the State Government was maintaining the site and its buildings.

Despite damage to airconditioning units and some graffiti, the complex has been well maintained despite not being in use.

Ms Bolton said security patrolled the campus regularly.

She recalled the campus didn't look as good in the past.

"It was deeply saddening," she said.

"We had to have the doors boarded up."

"Vandals smashed all the windows," she said.

"Now it is in a far superior shape."

Ms Bolton said it did not make sense to replace the airconditioning units now.

"If we replace them now, they could be ripped out."