Readers don't like to see crosses on their fruit buns too early.
Readers don't like to see crosses on their fruit buns too early. Contributed

A terrible cross to bear so early on our fruit buns

THE verdict is in and despite their yumminess our readers say it's too early for hot cross buns.

Prompted by the sudden appearance of the fruit buns that carry the symbol of Christ's death on supermarket shelves, we held a poll to ask if it was too soon to be selling them.

Readers gave us a resounding 'yes'.

In fact 62% said it was too early as we are still celebrating Christmas.

The next highest vote was 22% of people saying there were much more important things to worry about.

7% said it was no different to Christmas stock going on sale in September and another 7% agreed they wanted them sold.

"I grew up knowing that Hot Cross buns were a special treat for Easter, not three months leading up to Easter,” Lee-anne Bostock said.

"When we finally get to Easter people are over it and Easter eggs too! It completely misses the point of Easter,” Megan Polley said.

Hildz Cat looked behind the incentive for supermarkets to get in so early with selling the buns.

"Someone must be buying them to (make) them this early,” she said.

"They would not produce them this early if there was no profit margin.”

Jessica Mills had a different point of view.

"They are yummy, who cares, have them all year, you can buy Christmas cake from supermarkets all year, no one seems to care,” she said.

Jools Rainynot had a unique idea for those who didn't like seeing the crosses on their fruit buns too early.

"Protest move. Just flip the packet over.”