A noisy miner caught in a light cage.
A noisy miner caught in a light cage. WIRES Northern Rivers

A trapped miner has community come to rescue

AN OBSERVANT member of the public noticed a Noisy miner trapped in a cage placed over a fluorescent light in a public park in Lismore.

It apparently managed to get into the cage to catch the insects attracted by the light, but was unable to make its way out again.

WIRES was called to the rescue.

Two WIRES volunteer rescuers attended and after initial attempts to rescue the miner, they soon realised that further assistance was required.

Lismore City Council was contacted and within 30 minutes a council employee arrived.

At the same time a local tradesman also turned up.

After only a short time the Noisy mirror was released by this combined community effort.

As soon as the miner was released his partner arrived.

A big thank you to WIRES volunteers Marion and Julie, our observant member of the public Matt for calling the Wires NR hotline, Lismore City Council and Graig from Kaban's Pest Control.

It is wonderful when so many people make an effort to help our native wildlife.