Accused rapist claims victim’s protests part of ‘role-play’


AN electrician accused of raping a Tinder date has told a court the sex was consensual and part of a "rape role-play" scenario.

Leigh Murray Brown, 44, has pleaded not guilty in the Southport District Court to two counts of rape.

It is alleged Brown choked, bit and slapped the woman during sex after the woman had withdrawn consent.

On the second day of the trial Brown gave evidence denying the incident was rape.

He told the jury of six men and six women that prior to meeting he had discussed with the woman rough sex.

Brown said he had told her he enjoyed "rape role-play" and explained the concept to her.

He said she expressed an interest.

Brown said after the pair met and went back to her house he again explained what "rape role-play" involved and the woman again expressed an interest.

He said the woman chose a safe word - Buddha.

Brown said the woman said "no" and "stop" during the alleged attack but that it was part of the role-play scenario.

He said she only used the safe word once when he slapped her and he stopped when the safe word was used.

Brown told the jury the woman did not seem upset the next morning.

The trial continues.