Emergency services vehicles outside Mercy Hospital, Chicago. Picture: Fox News
Emergency services vehicles outside Mercy Hospital, Chicago. Picture: Fox News

Chicago hospital under fire, gunman ‘down’

Chicago police say an active shooter at a city hospital is 'down', with initial reports suggesting 'multiple victims' - including a critically wounded police officer.

Gunshots are reported to be coming from the grounds of the Mercy Hospital, Bronzeville, in the vicinity of 26th and Michigan Ave.

Police issued a warning: 'Avoid area. Heavy police response incoming'.

The hospital is in lockdown and first-responder police have taken up position outside the campus with rifles. There are unconfirmed reports of a police officer being 'down'.

Officers have been heard reporting via police radio that the shot officer is in critical condition. He is being transported to another hospital.

The number and state of further victims is yet to be released.

Police hold told local media shots have been fired both inside and outside the hospital.

Multiple injuries have been reported, but police have not said how many.

Police say one suspect has been shot. A partial evacuation is underway as officers, including dog squads, undertake a 'methodical' search of the property.

A witness told ABC news he had heard six or seven gunshots that he at first thought were sounds from nearby construction. He said he saw a large police presence arrive at the hospital shortly after, and people running out of the hospital.

The Chicago Sun-Times has been told by a man who was inside visiting his wife in the hospital that he had heard five shots of rapidfire, possibly from a large caliber weapon.

"Situation feels very fluid. Lots of officers running around, lot of squads speeding with sirens on. A few officers walking around with assault rifles," reporter Sam Charles tweeted.

The Chicago Tribune reports a hospital employee saying she had been in her office when a notice came over a PA telling them to lock their doors. They were evacuated a short time later. "I don't know what happened," she said as she was ushered onto a bus.