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Weekend events Amber Gibson

Activists united by climate change

ENVIRONMENTAL activists from across NSW united at Lismore Showground on Saturday fighting for further recognition of climate change issues and the animals, nature and people affected by it.

The Species extinction in a climate crisis conference, led by the Nature Conservation Council and Friends of the Koala had more than 10 speakers - campaigners, indigenous elders, ecologists, educators and Lismore MP Janelle Saffin.

Ms Saffin spoke about her work in Parliament, saying "the State parliamentary Labor Party which I am part of is still committed to the agenda they took to the election - that hasn't changed."

"There is no retreat," she said.

Ms Saffin said despite the biggest fish kill we have ever seen, logging unchecked, the koala kill, and the collateral damage of development, the Nationals do not have a clear agenda on renewables and still deny climate change.

"There are some Liberals who want to protect nature."

Al Oshlack, researcher/advocate for the Indigenous Justice Advocacy Network discussed animals, Aboriginal sites and people in the Lismore community who may be affected by an approved development for the rezoning of North Lismore Plateau area that will allow for residential and business use.

"The development got an approval for the first part. The first part is 450 lots, some on the Plateau and the second part, we only just found out, that they are going to build a precinct right on Dunoon Rd," Mr Oshlack said.

"It's right on the floodplain, so it's part of our challenge. They are not allowed to build houses on the floodplain.

"We're in court and we hope to have the whole development invalidated because they failed to do any proper species impact statements."

"They haven't told that the real problem is that they're borrowing $32 million and they already have a $6 million debt. You wouldn't want to trust Lismore City Council with your money."

Kate Smolski, CEO of the NCC, updated the crowd on the group's continuing action to work towards zero deforestation.

"Climate impacts are becoming a lived experience for people here in NSW with the drought."