BALANCE: Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey are touring to perform songs from their album Great Country Songbook Vol 2.
BALANCE: Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey are touring to perform songs from their album Great Country Songbook Vol 2.

Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole double the country comfort

LONG-TIME friends and collaborators Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole are hitting the road in support of their new duet album Great Country Songbook Vol 2.

The singers, who are both accomplished country music artists in their own rights, are sure to put on quite a show after nearly two decades of sharing the stage.

In this Q&A, Harvey reflects on their relationship, the challenges of putting together a second Great Country Songbook and what fans can expect from their new live show.

Q: You and Beccy have toured Australia together seven times. What makes you such a great pair on stage?

A: My wife says we're the male and female equivalent of each other. I'm sure Beccy takes that as an insult, but anyway, we've both got a similar sense of humour, we're both a little bit mad, so that sort of works out well. I remember the first tour we ever did. Her baby boy: I used to be backstage rocking him to sleep in his little pram while Beccy was out on stage every night and he's 18 now that little boy. It's scary how quickly time goes. We just hit it off right from the get-go and we just became great mates over the years. I guess after a while you sort of get to know each other so well. As Beccy said, going on tour together is kind of like putting on an old pair of boots. It's a comfortable fit.

Q: Have there been any hiccups in your performing and recording together, or was there an immediate connection?

A: As you get to know one another and go on tour, we certainly have had our blues over the years, because people are different. I'm an early person. I love to get there early and love to be organised. Beccy's always late. So we have our moments on the road where I'm forever waiting around for her. We've had a few of those moments over the years. I'm sure there are things I do which just give her the sh**s totally, but you sort of learn to live with one another like an old married couple. But it all sort of fades away as soon as you get out on stage. It's an amazing feeling when you're on stage in front of a crowd, they're right into it and the show's going great, but then to be able to share that with someone else, another artist who's out there performing with you. Happiness is multiplied by all the people who are around at the time.

Q: You had big success with The Great Country Songbook. What do you think it is about these classic tracks which appeals to audiences so much? Why have they stood the test of time?

A: They take you right back to where you were when you first heard them, or when you first used to listen to them and for a lot of people it takes them back to younger times, happier times. I know for me, when I hear them I go right back to when I was a little kid, strumming along to my dad's old vinyl records in the lounge room, trying to learn how to play the chords.

Hopefully there'll be some people who might not have heard of these songs, or a lot of them, and we might be introducing some of those songs to a whole new audience. So there's a bit of both ends of the scale going on.

Q: What can audiences expect from the show?

A: The hardest part I find is trying to keep Beccy focused on trying to be serious about the job at hand because she's forever quick-witted and coming out with funny stuff all the time. In a way that will be a really good balance between singing a lot of these songs, and let's face it, a lot of them are about heartbreak and devastation and getting divorced and stuff, and it will be a really good balance between that and Beccy and I taking the mickey out of one another the whole time. I guarantee people will come along, they'll have a great laugh, they'll be able to sing along to every word of every song and just escape for a few hours and forget about all their worries and their dramas out there in the world. And if we can do that, then we're doing our job.

Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole's Great Country Songbook Vol 2 tour plays Twin Towns in Tweed Heads on June 16, The Empire Theatre in Toowoomba on June 17, The Events Centre Caloundra on June 22, The Brolga Theatre in Maryborough on June 23, The Pilbeam Theatre in Rockhampton on June 24, the Saraton Theatre in Grafton on August 18, and the Ballina RSL on August 19.