A 1500 bed miners village will be one of the first projects in the roll out of the Carmichael mine construction phase.
A 1500 bed miners village will be one of the first projects in the roll out of the Carmichael mine construction phase. Contributed

ADANI: Huge miners village and airstrip looming

A 1500 bed miners village will be one of the first projects in the roll out of the Carmichael mine construction phase.

An Adani spokesman told the Morning Bulletin yesterday that once the Native Title matter was resolved it would give them access to start construction of the access roads, air strip and mining camp, plus the rail corridor.

Hopes are to register the Indigenous Land Use Agreements with the Native Title Tribunal, anticipating to have all issues dealt with by the end of August with construction set for September.

Speaking to the Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton Region mayor Margaret Strelow said the Adani board would now release a certain amount of money for pre-works to begin.

"There are some jobs that will start immediately or very quickly but they tend to be the design works and that will be AECOM in Townsville, so there's about 70 people who will be employed in Townsville," Cr Strelow explained.

"My understanding is they will spend the money they need to to get the project as far as they can, with the final decision date then expected just before Christmas."

Cr Strelow said it was expected pre-works would involve projects such as roadworks and the construction of workers camps.

"Certainly a lot more fine design work will be done so we should expect to see extra personnel appointed and the company really ramping up it's capability to hit the ground running very quickly when the final investment has been secured."

The mine workers accommodation village is to be constructed 15km east of the project mine site with access from the Moray Carmichael Road.

The village will be developed in three stages.

Stage one will see the initial capacity of 250 beds, to be built at the start of construction activities.

Stage two will see the adding of 1000 beds to bring capacity to 1250 beds, which is expected to be needed in the second year of construction with stage three set to add 750 beds to bring the total capacity of the village to 2000 beds by the start of mining operations.

Adani outlined the workers accommodation village would be developed with an elevated sense of community, as a series of accommodation unit clusters to promote a community environment, with each cluster having access to its own recreation and other facilities.

The design philosophy for the workers accommodation village was centred on providing an attractive living environment for the construction and maintenance workers in the short term while also establishing a framework whereby the settlement can ultimately be integrated into the permanent workers accommodation village.

The design has sought to create an environment where every living unit is within 400 metres of centralised facilities where everyday services can be accessed. These facilities will be accessed by green corridors that permeate through the settlement, providing buffers between residential clusters, passive recreation and environmental connectivity.

Workers Village Features

The workers accommodation village will have the following features:

  • Single rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Kitchen and dining areas
  • Recreational facilities including gymnasium, pool, barbecue areas, a tavern and landscaped areas
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Laundry facilities
  • Sewage treatment
  • An initial power supply generated on-site with subsequent connection to grid power
  • Shopping and banking facilities
  • Wireless internet and mobile communications.
  • Health and medical facilities will be located at the workers accommodation village and mine
  • Training facilities may also be located at the village