Crowds at Bluesfest. Photo JoJo Newby / The Daily Examiner
Crowds at Bluesfest. Photo JoJo Newby / The Daily Examiner Jojo Newby

Additional events approved to be held at Bluesfest site

AN application for additional events to be held at the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm Community Event Site, the home of Bluesfest, has been approved by Byron Shire Council.

Councillors gave a unanimous vote of approval at yesterday's meeting for additional events to be held at the site with a number of conditions to be met.

The approval allows for an extension of the current use of the site for 100 days of events up to 2,000 people attending, 10 days of events up to 15,000 people attending and 10 days up to 25,000 people attending including Bluesfest.

The small events will be primarily for community use, such as farmers markets and wedding receptions in the functions building that will be built as a result of the approval.

It will also allow the site to hold the Boomerang Indigenous Festival, once it becomes a stand-alone event. Furthermore Peter Noble and his team can now work on attracting one day concerts to the site.

Consulting town planner Damian Chapelle from Newton Denny Chapelle representing Peter Noble said the assessment of the events application was exhaustive and "ensured all matters associated with noise, traffic and the environment were addressed in the public interest".

Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm community event site manager, Peter Noble said although they "didn't get everything we wanted from Byron Council today, and are a little disappointed, we did get an approval where we have certainty in our future and now we can make the decisions to invest in infrastructure so that our site becomes a professional event site for community use".

"The fear from our neighbours that we may have wanted to do another major festival on the site was addressed by council in a manner that met our approval, and seemingly those in attendance at council chambers.

"It is not likely that there will be any new events for some time to come.

"First we will build the infrastructure so that there is a functions centre on site, as well as in time, permanent shower and toilet facilities and food and beverage areas.

"We would like to see our site be used by the community for functions, including wedding receptions and other community events.

"We also received an approval to do one day concerts, as well as one more festival which we intend to be the Boomerang Festival, Byron's Indigenous event, which we are passionate about.

"I would like to thank Mayor Simon Richardson and every councillor as well as our local community who supports us.

"And further we look forward to creating more employment in the creative industries in the Byron area."

The 27th Annual Bluesfest will be held over Easter Thursday March 24 until Monday March 28.

Tickets are also available through Moshtix and Ticketmaster