Controversial free kick against Scott Thompson
Controversial free kick against Scott Thompson

AFL issues verdict on Lions’ free kick howler

The AFL has admitted Scott Thompson should not have been penalised with a blocking free kick that cost the Kangaroos a chance to knock off Brisbane.

Brisbane's Oscar McInerney kicked the go-ahead goal after Thompson nudged him out of the marking contest and took a mark when scores were tied with just 1:10 to play in a frantic game.

Thompson executed a perfect technique, pushing McInerney in the side as he protected space then moved back to mark the ball.

The AFL told the Herald Sun on Sunday morning that the decision to penalise him was incorrect.

McInerney perfectly milked the free kick by throwing himself forward rather than trying to push back into the contest.

The AFL umpiring department ruled this morning that Thompson had used his body in a legal manner and did not use undue force.



Scores were tied at 75-75 when McInerney kicked the goal. Hugh McCluggage added another goal on the siren to push the Lions closer to a remarkable top-two finish.

North Melbourne coach Rhyce Shaw was baffled by the decision but said there was little the Roos could do after the fact.

"It's interesting that he marked the ball," Shaw said.

"The pressure of the game, the players make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes.

"I'm not sure that I understood it.

"That's just the way it is, I can't do anything about that now, the game's done."