Ian Macfarlane
Ian Macfarlane Kevin Farmer

Macfarlane in talks with Holden

AFTER his predecessor ruled out further subsidies for the ailing car manufacturing sector, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane met with Holden executives in Adelaide on Wednesday.

While he made no promises to the car producer, he said he was willing to discuss Federal Government aid less than $500 million.

His comments came after former Industry Minister Sophie Mirabella said during the election that it was time for subsidies for the industry to end.

Speaking to reporters before the meeting, Mr Macfarlane said the first text message he sent after becoming minister was to a Holden executive.

He said he was drawing a line under his portfolio, with what he called a "final offer" to be given to Holden to continue producing cars in Australia.

But he refused to go into detail on what the offer would be, saying "I'm confident it won't be $500 million, but it will get them there".

Mr Macfarlane said he did not know where any money would come from, and that it would need the approval of the federal Cabinet before any official offer could be made.