Thomson Resources has lodged an application for an exploration licence at Mt Carrington, near Drake.
Thomson Resources has lodged an application for an exploration licence at Mt Carrington, near Drake.

‘Aggressive’ strategy: Company seeks exploration licence

A company with an “aggressive” strategy to acquire gold-silver and precious metal resources in NSW is eyeing off a patch of land between Casino and Tenterfield.

Thomson Resources recently signed a joint venture with White Rock Minerals for the Mt Carrington gold-silver project at Drake.

It could lead to the mine finally being developed, after years of setbacks.

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And it’s an integral part in Thomson’s grand vision to consolidate a large, silver-dominant resource in the NSW and Queensland border region.

They have recently acquired the Webbs and Conrads silver deposits, and the Texas Silver Project.

Shortly after signing the term sheet with White Rock, Thomson submitted an application for an exploration licence over a 300.9km2 area adjoining the Mt Carrington project.

The company’s executive chairman, David Williams, said if approved, it would secure “potentially prospective, open ground areas of the interpreted caldera ring fracture and the Permian host stratigraphy”.

The government gazette of February 19 confirmed an official application had been lodged for an area of 100 units.

According to the state government’s Mining, Exploration and Geoscience department, all applications for exploration licences are processed against the assessment criteria and in accordance with the Mining Act 1992.

“The Titles Review Committee assesses all applications and makes recommendations for the decision maker to consider regarding grant, renewal or refusal,” the department’s website states.

“Consideration is given to published principles, priorities, policies and decision-making criteria in making a determination, with reasons for decisions appropriately documented.”

In an ASX announcement this month, Mr Williams said Thomson now controlled silver-gold, base and technology metal (zinc, lead, copper and tin) resources that could underpin its “Hub and Spoke” centralised processing strategy.

He said the company was “aggressively” pursuing consolidation in the region.

“Despite their proximity to one another and attractive commodity mix, these projects have never before been consolidated under one company and so have to date remained undeveloped,” he said.

“Thomson is building momentum.”