Severe fire conditions on Myall Creek road at Bora Ridge.
Severe fire conditions on Myall Creek road at Bora Ridge. Marc Stapelberg

Air crews on standby as firefighters expect worse weather

ELEVEN aircraft are waiting and ready at Casino Airport on Sunday morning as firefighters expect another tough day with three significant bushfires continuing to burn out of control in the region.

Four ixed-wing water bombers and seven rotary-wing aircraft are standing by, with crews ready to be deployed to fight the out of control fires at Mt Nardi, Woodenbong and Bora Ridge.

Rural Fire Service Inspector David Cook said the fires have burned approximately 5,000ha, 7,000ha and 14,000ha respectively.

Insp Cook said although conditions were benign overnight with no homes lost, conditions are predicted to worse as temperatures rise.

"We are dropping water from the choppers and we also had the large air tankers dropping on the western side of the Myall Creek Rd fire at Bora Ridge," he said.

"There are three major fires we are controlling out Casino and the Mt Nardi fire got over to Commissioner's Creek on the Tweed side yesterday and we had a couple of challenging moments.

"Fire-fighters are still working quite hard there now as the fire stretches over to Tweed, Byron and Lismore areas."

Insp Cook said the Myall Creek fire is their main priority.

"Second equal are the Border Trail fires behind Woodenbong and the Mt Nardi fire," he said.

"We ask everyone to be vigilant, to download the FiresNearMe app and be alert."

Insp Cook said the inter-agency work has been inspiring as volunteer and paid staff across a wide range of service share their knowledge, expertise and resources.

"We have been working closely with all the emergency agencies including Fire & Rescue and aviation fire-fighters, the State Emergency Service and the Police, every agency has been fantastic.

"We also have two colleagues from Western Australia's Parks Service who have been great."


BOARDER TRAIL, Woodenbong area - Watch and Act

The fire is more than 6,440 hectares in size and is out of control.

Current Situation

  • A fire is burning in the Woodenbong area. Fire activity remains active across the fireground, specially in the east.
  • The fire is burning in the Dairy Flat area towards Unumgar.
  • The fire is moving in a south easterly direction towards Summerland Way. Spotting has been recorded ahead of the firefront.
  • The Summerland Way is closed in the Mount Lindesay area. Stay up to date with Live Traffic NSW.
  • The fire is also burning towards Grahams Creek Road.
  • The fire is predicted to reach the township of Woodenbong today.


  • If you are in the area of Woodenbong and your plan is to leave, leave now in a southerly direction towards Urbenville. Monitor conditions.
  • If you are in the area of Dairy Flat, Hilderbrands Road and Unumgar, monitor conditions.
  • Take advice from from firefighters in the area, particularly for residents in the Grahams Creek Road area.
  • An emergency warning has been issued for residents in the Mount Lindesay area, on the Queensland side of the border. For more details visit the QFES website

MOUNT NARDI in the Nightcap National Park area - Advice

The fire is more than 4,900 hectares in size and is not yet controlled.

  • Current Situation
  • A fire is burning in the Mount Nardi area, Nightcap National Park between Nimbin, Repentance Creek, Mullumbimby and Doon Doon.
  • Firefighters are working on strategic backburns, and are identifying containment lines.
  • Crews are working to protect properties as the fire comes from ridge lines.


  • If you are in the areas of Tuntable Creek, Huonbrook Valley, Upper Wilsons Creek, Commissioners Creek and Upper Coopers Creek, monitor conditions.
  • Know what you will do if the fire threatens.

MYALL CREEK ROAD / BORA RIDGE - Bungawalbin, New Italy and The Gap - Watch and Act

The fire is more than 13,990 hectares and is out of control.

Current Situation

  • The fire in burning in the area of Bungawalbin and New Italy.
  • The fire is burning towards the Main Camp Road area.
  • The southern edge of the fire is continuing to burn through the Doubleduke State Forest towards the Sandy Crossing area.
  • The Pacific Highway is open, but visibility may be reduced due to smoke. Stay up to date with Live Traffic NSW.


  • If you are in the area of Gibberagee and the path is clear, leave now towards Summerland Way.
  • If you are in the area of Whiporie, watch out for smoke and embers.
  • If you are in the area Neileys Lagoon, Bungawalbin-Whiporie and Williams Road, Whites Road and New Italy, monitor conditions and know what to do if a fire approaches. Take advice from firefighters in the area.
  • If you are in the area of Hallwoods Road, watch out for burning embers which may start spot fires ahead of the main fire front.
  • If you are in the area of Boggy Creek Road, Eucalyptus Drive, Swan Bay and east of the Pacific Highway near Turners Road and Red Gate Road, monitor conditions.

What you need to do

  • If you are threatened by fire, you may not get assistance.
  • If you are in these areas and your plan is to leave, or your property is not prepared, leave towards a safer location.
  • Safer locations include built up areas, well away from bushland.
  • If you are unable to leave, identify a safer location which may be nearby. This may include a cleared area well away from bushland, or an identified Neighbourhood Safer Place