'Alarm bells': Union hits out at NDIS

THE alarm bells are ringing loudly on the future of Australia's disability services, says the Public Service Association.

It's so dire, the peak body (National Disability Services) has been compelled to release a report titled 'How To Get The NDIS On Track', PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright, said.

"This report goes to the heart of the PSA's concerns about the NDIS coping with the full range of disability services provided in NSW by Ageing Disability and Home Care, which is about to be scrapped by the NSW Government," Mr Wright said.

"The fact a peak body has felt compelled to issue a report with 24 recommendations literally about getting the NDIS back on the rails before it has even been implemented should be of enormous concern to hundreds of thousands of families.

"The NSW Government has been framing the NDIS as a miracle cure, an all things to everyone service provider.

"But many families are slowly discovering there are strict eligibility provisions buried in the fine print, which limit access.

"The PSA's huge concern is the NSW Government is tearing down a long standing expert public service and transferring it to private interests, washing its hands of any duty of care, while the evidence continues to mount that the NDIS has serious issues in relation to capacity, funding and care plans.

"NSW will be the only state in Australia with no Government safety net for people with disability."