Permit yourself some patience in the form of meditation.
Permit yourself some patience in the form of meditation.

All we need is a little patience

WE LEAD busy lives. While there are benefits to busyness, there are also limitations. The benefits include wanting success at home, at work and at play and there is nothing wrong with that.

For every benefit, though, there could be a limit. When we are so busy, we lose sight of other meaningful ways of life. We miss the simple things: the walks in the park, the picnics by the water, the children growing up, our own needs and wants.

We also deny ourself the right to patience. When we ramp up our life to meet the demands, it can often be at the expense of our health. We can become short- tempered, frustrated, impatient, forgetful, anxious, disorganised and very tired.

Patience is a positive character trait. It is considered “good” to be patient. Patience makes us pleasant to be around because we are calm and relaxed. When was the last time you felt patient?

When was the last time you allowed yourself the right to feel calm and relaxed?

The rollercoaster of life can be very costly and before we know it, we are old and wondering where the heck our life has gone.

Do yourself a favour and permit yourself some patience in the form of meditation, martial arts such as Tai Chi, yoga, prayer, a holiday, quiet and uninterrupted time – anything that slows you down.

Whatever you know that works for you to slow you down, do more of it, and learn patience.

It can add years to your life.