A local man
A local man "almost hung himself” on wire across a track. Facebook

Quad bike rider 'almost hung' after wire trap set

A WEEKEND of fun was soured by a harmful prank that could have caused serious damage.

Jac Spring took to the Rockhampton Classifieds Facebook page last Saturday to warn locals of wire strung across a track at Alligator Creek.

In the post Jac said he and his friends regularly go to Alligator Creek to camp, ride their motorbikes and quad-bikes and "just kick back for the weekend".

While they were out, one of his close friends "almost hung himself" on a wire tied between two trees.

"This was obviously put here on purpose to try and seriously hurt someone," Jac wrote.

"When we come here we are always sure to be clean, pick up all the litter we see and we never make a noise after the reasonable hour.

"It's sad that we can't enjoy anywhere now a days.


A local man found wire tied between two trees across a track at Alligator Ck.
Wire found across a track at Alligator Ck Facebook

"So just a warning to all that enjoy riding around out here.

"Someone has to ruin it."

Although the perpetrators of this senseless act may think it's just a bit of harmless fun, the results have been disastrous in the past.

Earlier this year in Perth's north, a teenage boy sustained serious neck injuries after riding his dirt bike through a wire strung up between two trees.

The boy was taken to hospital, suspected of suffering fractured vertebrae.

Jac's post garnered almost 100 comments from locals, many of them saying they would now be avoiding the area.

"I wanted to go back out next weekend but might go somewhere else," one man wrote.

"One of the many reasons I don't ride there," another said.

"Way to dangerous."

Others voice their disgust in the situation.

"Whoever did that is psychotic," a woman wrote

"That's appalling. Someone could be killed or worse someone's child.

"What a stupid way to manage a situation, geez."