A development application has been lodged with the Fraser Coast Regional Council to build two skyscrapers in Hervey Bay.
A development application has been lodged with the Fraser Coast Regional Council to build two skyscrapers in Hervey Bay.

SKYSCRAPERS: Plans for the regions tallest buildings


BUILDINGS across the Fraser Coast could soon be dwarfed by the proposed 20-storey residential twin tower development in Urangan.

A development application has been lodged with the Fraser Coast Regional Council to build two skyscrapers, each standing at 64 metres in height on the vacant land on the corners of Charlton Esplanade and Boat Harbour Dr.


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The proposal outlines plans for the towers to have a combined 390 apartments aimed at "high end over 50s retirement lifestyle and mixed use tourism" as well as businesses on the ground floor, 775 car parks, swimming pools and a restaurant.

Urban Planet Town Planning Consultants lodged the proposal on behalf of Anscape Pty Ltd.


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Urban Planet Town Planning Consultant's principal Ward Veitch said the high rises were the next step in Hervey Bay's evolution.

"I have been around here for a long time, I have been through the stages of the first six-storey buildings which was one advancement," he said.

"This is just the next one - I think it's a really positive thing.

"This type of infrastructure being built is only going to encourage more facilities to the benefit of the whole community.

"It will be a mix of permanent retirement accommodation as well as living for non-retired people."

Last year in October the previous council approved the Urangan master plan which meant buildings reaching 20-storeys or 80 metres tall could be built between Miller St and Boat Harbour Dr on Charlton Esplanade.

The master plan was approved with seven votes to three with Urangan councillor George Seymour, Rolf Light and James Hansen against the proposal.

Eleven months later and now Deputy Mayor George Seymour has maintained his stance against the construction of a 20-storey building on the Fraser Coast.

"It's very out of character for Hervey Bay," Cr Seymour said.

"It's against the feel and look of Hervey Bay and the community won't even get an opportunity to make a public comment."

Because the proposed development is code assessable, it does not have to go out for community consultation.

Cr Seymour said it "wasn't exactly clear" as to whether the councillors would have the opportunity to vote on the development proposal.

"I would like to have a say on it," he said.

"Town planning is a key aspect of council and it's an issue that affects the whole community."

The proposal outlines the business activities on the ground floors could include a small shopping centre, offices, healthcare outlets and food outlets.

The proposed commercial development at ground level of the two towers will be six metres away from the land's boundary to allow "alfresco" pedestrian spaces from the facade to the road alignment.

The owner of Anscape Pty Ltd Brian Clarke is the man who came up with the idea of building the region's first 20-storey building and he says it's time the Bay "moved with the times".

"I do think this will be the beginning for great things for Hervey Bay," he said.

"Hervey Bay needs somebody coming up with these ambitious-type ideas to be able to encourage more investment.

"It's a really upmarket, progressive development in a high-rise that will create a lot of controversy as well as a lot of employment."