WBW staff assured positions were safe, then made redundant

ANGER is growing among Wide Bay Water employees who say they are still facing uncertainty about their future.

A source from within WBW confirmed to the Chronicle that employees who had been assured their positions were safe, have since been informed that is not the case.

"A number of staff - at least five - who were told that they had either a position or would go into the redeployment pool, were told that they were redundant," the source said.

"One staff member queried this and was advised ... they (the council) changed their mind."

The source, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of their job, said there were now concerns of further jobs cuts at WBW, beyond those originally raised in the Public Benefit Assessment the council based its decision on.

"No staff member at WBW feels that they have any degree of certainty about their future," they said.

"Eight operation staff, who were not identified in the PBA process, have been advised that only four of them are required and that four of them will be made redundant."

Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell played a dead bat when these concerns were raised with him by the Chronicle.

"The council believes that it has followed due process," Cr O'Connell said.

"We have talked to staff; the duplicated jobs have been identified and the staff notified and the changes have been communicated to all staff."

In the last statement, Cr O'Connell rejected another concern raised by the source, namely that the 30 duplicate positions with the council within WBW had still not been identified.

He suggested that if there was a problem with the process, the council would have heard about it from the unions by now.