Angie and Yvie in a scene from the TV series Gogglebox.
Angie and Yvie in a scene from the TV series Gogglebox. Channel 10

Angie and Yvie ready to toast The Bachelor on Gogglebox

GOGGLEBOX, the show about people watching TV and saying what they think, returns to our screens tonight.

All of the stars from season two of the Logie-winning series are back, including room mates Angie and Yvie.

APN's The Guide caught up with the dog-loving ladies as they settle in for another season of couch time.


Q:  What shows are you looking forward to watching on the show? (I see you've been tweeting about The Bachelor quite a bit)

Yvie: Of course The Bachelor, that's just awesome car crash TV, I'm trying to talk Angie into going on but she's too smart. Personally, I love all the ABC and SBS stuff. And 80's movies!!! Bring on Beaches!

Angie: Yes! We have been watching The Bachelor every week. I'm looking forward to Australian Survivor, more outrageous documentaries like You Can't Ask That, and Real Housewives of Sydney all the way! Can NOT wait for that!


Q: Are there any shows you're dreading that you might have to watch?

Yvie: Olympics. The. End.

Angie: Not another bloody house reno show. I can only just get into The Block, so hopefully they don't throw any of the other ones our way. I may cry. NO BIGGEST LOSER! That show breaks my heart.


Do you watch Gogglebox for the other families and if so who are your favourites and why?

Yvie: Absolutely. We both love the other households. My personal fave is Mr Delpechitra or as we call him, Papa Del. The man is awesome.

Angie: Yes! We love the other families. I love The Dels - especially the dad, he is just such a beautiful man and so funny. I also love Lee and Keith and I think I would get a long really well with Adam and Symon. I love them all!


Q: Do you ever match your drinks to what you're watching? (I.e. bubbles for Housewives)

Yvie: Well, we'd like to. We are mostly red wine and vodka drinkers (not together. Hang on, is that an actual drink? I'll try one and get back to you), but every time I watch Sex and The City, I want a cocktail.

Angie: No. Unfortunately we're not that fancy! It's usually a glass of red or a beer for when I want to get back to me QLD roots, ha ha kidding. I just really like beer.


Q: Did you ever get your own Logies in the end or does the whole cast have to share one?

Yvie: No, we don't get our own! We only got to hold it for about half an hour.

Angie: We wish! We got to hold it and take some photos with it. Then it was taken away and probably put in some ugly cabinet in an office somewhere.

Q: Do you tidy up the house (or at least what we can see of it) before you know you're being filmed?

Yvie: Yeah, I try to clean it as best I can. I vacuum as much dog hair of our couch as possible, but that's no easy feat.

Angie: Well as you know we have A LOT of dogs. So in order for us to keep a super clean house all the time would have to mean we would clean every half an hour. Ain't nobody got time for that. We do try tidy up as much as possible.


Q: Will we see some new doggy pals on the couch with you this year? (And how big is your dog food bill?)

Yvie: You absolutely will! We already have new dawgs with us, so they will be making their Gogglebox debut. As well as our usual suspects, farting on Angie and hogging the lounge. Our dog food bill is enormous! But they're totally worth every cent.

Angie: We are always getting new fur babies into our lives. We look after an adorable new pup that will be making an appearance quite often, our three regulars will of course be back and a few other fosters! With the food bill - let's just say we would appreciate any donations to our foster agency Paws & Recover, because feeding anywhere between three to seven dogs can be very expensive indeed.


Q: What are some of the most surprising, or heart-warming, reactions you've had from people on the street who recognise you?

Yvie: I had a woman named Anna come up to me about two weeks ago, who told me our friendship with each other inspires her so much. She points at us on the tele and says to her kids "That's what's important. Good friends will last a lifetime". She actually got teary talking to me and so did I. It really means a lot to have anyone approach us, but to hear stories from complete strangers is heart-warming. I never expected anything like it.

Angie: We have had people come up and give us the most beautiful hugs, like they have known us for years. I've also had people just swear, in a good way, because they're so excited. Everyone just treats us like long lost mates that they're so excited to cross paths with again. People who tell us that they're lonely and we make their week… well that just makes it all worth it.


Gogglebox Australia premieres tonight at 7.30pm on The LifeStyle Channel and tomorrow at 8.30pm on Channel 10.