Anti-fluoride haters threaten Lismore Mayor on Twitter

ANTI-fluoride protesters on Twitter have had their accounts closed down after threatening Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell.

Barely two months after she was physically attacked by a fluoride protester in a Lismore carpark, Cr Dowell has revealed someone on Twitter had threatened to 'end' her and offered to pay $200 to anyone who would do it.

Cr Dowell reported the threat to Twitter and the account was closed down.

She also revealed another two Twitter accounts had threatened to "bombard" her with anti-Jenny Dowell accounts, such as "jennydowell-is-evil".

Cr Dowell revealed the threats in a post on Facebook last night and quickly received dozens of messages of support, including from some people who said they opposed fluoride.

"I am anti fluoride. But I am horrified that anyone would take their feelings this far! Outrageous!" one commenter said.

Others quipped the threat undervalued the mayor by only offering $200 for the "hit".

"Oh dear....I would be insulted if I were you Jenny, only $200? lol What the heck is wrong with people and why do they hold you personally responsible for council's decisions?? I am strongly against putting an industrial waste product in our drinking water but I would never threaten harm to someone whose opinion differed to mine!" another commenter said.