Facebook Patriot peeing on prayer Mat
Facebook Patriot peeing on prayer Mat

Anti-Islamist's disgusting act

AN image of a man urinating on a prayer mat in a Gold Coast Mosque has drawn the ire of social media. 

The photo was posted to the Extremely Fed Up Aussie Patriots Facebook page yesterday - alongside the caption:"Good morning good friends. Next time you go to the Goldcoast (sic) leave them a small momento (sic) by marking your territory. Have a blessed day."

However while the post has gained 426 likes the vast majority of the comments on the post have expressed anger towards the man. 

"Only animals mark their territory," Abraham Ummaaisha posted. 

"So there y'go. You can train your dog not to p#@s inside. "Patriots" are less well behaved than most dogs. Awesome," Sally Piracha wrote. 

"You don't need ISIS to radicalise Muslims when people like this are doing a better job at it," Damien Peiper posted. 

The page's administrators were contacted for comment about 1pm this afternoon. 

Since then the Extremely Fed Up Aussie Patriots facebook page has been switched to private meaning only members can see what is being posted.